About Clipa

A lifelong resident of Charlotte, NC, Adrian Banks is the designer behind the original Clipabag that first debuted at the 2001 Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in Atlanta. In those days, barbers could either lug their equipment in overpriced metal cases or carry their clippers wrapped in towels or socks. Bothered that beauty supply companies catered more to beauty salon hairstylists than to the needs of professional groomers, Banks decided he would create the bag barbers needed – one that was lighter, easier to handle and, more importantly, would allow barbers to put their clippers in individualized, padded pockets, protecting the blades and cords from damage. That’s how the Clipabag was birthed – born out of practical necessity. Over the years, Banks has refined his craft, having combined his knowledge of what works with his eye for fashion, making Clipa products that not only get the job done but also has barbers looking good doing what they do. Over the years, Banks has never lost his passion to create cutting-edge accessories designed to make barber life as smooth as a fresh fade. That’s why the cut game innovator went back to the lab to remix his patented Clipabag, transforming it into the durable and dope Clipa Backpack -- set to be released at in July 2019. Already, barbers are moving to secure the bag. More are on back order with the standard black backpack available now. Since he founded Clipa Enterprises Inc. in 1999, Banks has been on a mission to design and make practical, pro-grade gear and gadgets for barbers -- whether you’re a barber-in-training, a barber on-the-go, or a haircut specialist holding it down in the shop. For Banks and his Charlotte-based company, being a barber isn’t just a profession. It’s a lifestyle for hustlers who happen to cut hair. “I consider myself an inventor, designer, product developer and visionary. I see things that a barber can use and move on it.” Adrian Banks